Agile 360 ApS is a company who worked on the development of a wheelchair application for our own invention, a patented wheel frame.

The frame is equipped with a synchronous steering and self propelling front and back wheel, fitted so they allow for extreme maneuverability. Furthermore, the invention opens a lot of exciting possibilities for suspension and terrain adaption, and has several unique benefits. Among these can be mentioned stability in driving, the ability to rotate within its own footprint and a low energy consumption.

The Agile 360 wheelchair is a example of the wheel frames benefits. It has been built in two prototypes – see the video to the right.

The work on the wheel chair has been discontinued as we encountered a unsolvable wheel chair related problem with the placement od the foot rest related to the front wheel.

In the future we will be focusing our efforts on the development of robots and robotics, specifically mobile robots in our company for mobile robots: Bendt Inventors ApS. We believe this is the next logical step in our work relating to the patented wheel frame.