For too many years, people with mobility disabilities have been dependent on wheelchairs that have not improved significantly the past 20 years. We want to change this with the Agile 360 mobility vehicle by utilizing innovate, contemporary, technology, thereby setting new standards in mobility.

Our aim is to make the lives of people dependent on wheelchairs more fulfilling and fun by making it possible to go new places, drive at a much higher speed for a longer time, and make it easier to travel around the world.

The business case provides more than one source of income. Selling the mobility vehicle at a highly competitive price in selected OECD countries will be the main source of profit.


Furthermore, we also aim to sell licenses giving the right to use our patent. In this way, Agile 360 A/S is a unique investing opportunity, as it offers both promising return on investments and an opportunity to invest in something that will help raise the quality of life among people with limited mobility.

Besides our goal to enhance the quality of life of wheelchair users, we also want to make our solution as accessible as possible. Therefore, we strive for obtaining a highly competitive price.

Finally, we want to be as environmentally responsible as we can by producing our product in a sustainable way and by setting new standards of energy efficiency for mobility vehicles.


Agile 360 A/S represents both a solid business case,

and a chance to create a meaningful difference for millions of people in need of mobility

A market potential of millions

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The first, strategic launch

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In November 2016 The Market Development Fund, a sub-branch of the Danish Business Authority, granted Agile 360 240.000 € to assist in the cost of production for the test models, and in conducting the user test of the 10 units in cooperation with the Municipality of Aarhus.

In April 2017 The Innovation Fund, also a sub-branch of the Danish Business Authority, granted Agile 360 110.000 € to assist in the cost of constructing new servomechanisms for the steering system and new actuators for the seat lifting and balancing mechanism.

I see that Agile 360 maybe could be the next generation in wheelchairs - maybe also in electric bikes

- Ivan Kjær Lauridsen, Head of the Welfare Technology Department of Aarhus Municipality

Cooperation projects


A solid business case



Assumed market for the Agile 360 mobility vehicle

We expect to launch our wheelchair in 2019 and reach breakeven in the year of 2022 at the latest. Our target groups are users of powered- and manual wheelchairs.

According to our calculations, the market potential of our mobility vehicle has potential annual sales of well above 100.000 units. We base this number on the assumption that 75 percent of the users of powered wheelchairs and 5 percent of the users of manual wheelchairs are in the target group of customers for the Agile 360 mobility vehicle.

Furthermore, we build our calculation on the targeted sales in selected OECD countries - our first strategic launch markets. When we have launched our mobility vehicle in these countries, we plan to expand our targeted markets and grow our sales further. Or business case shows a profitable return on investment by 2022.

Please contact us for more information about the investing opportunities in our company.


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