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Åge Dragsted and Mads Bendt founded Agile 360 in 2015. Having known each other for many years, they united their competencies within business strategy and innovation to form a company with the common goal of creating a new, groundbreaking mobility vehicle.

In September 2015, the Else and Erik Jørgensen Family Foundation made a large investment in their company, and Agile 360 A/S thus became a reality.

Agile 360 A/S resides in the city of Aarhus in Denmark.

Our office is located at the harbor in the building of Navitas – a unique collaboration project between Aarhus University, Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering and the start-up hub INCUBA.

Sharing our location with 2.700 students, teachers and entrepreneurs in Aarhus’ center of energy, education, and innovation, this is the perfect platform for Agile 360 A/S to develop, being able to draw inspiration and knowhow from some of the brightest people in our country in the field of engineering, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Agile 360 A/S resides in the city of Aarhus in Denmark.

Our office is located at the harbor in the building of Navitas


- What if I could create a new mobility vehicle that would give wheelchair users new, unprecedented superpowers?

This thought kept occupying Mads Bendt’s mind. Being a wheelchair user himself and witnessing a lack of innovation within the market for powered wheelchairs, he acted and developed a new, groundbreaking electric mobility vehicle.

In 2015, Mads Bendt co-founded Agile 360 A/S and patented a unique wheel system – an innovative design that takes the wheelchair user’s mobility to a new level never seen before.

Agile 360's new mobility vehicle was born.

The mobility vehicle is a lightweight construction. This allows for a low energy consumption, long operation range and the ability to drive at the same speed as an electric bicycle. In addition, it is easy to take with you on travels - both by car, train, and airplane.

Currently, the team of Agile360 has finalized the prototype development phase and has moved into the design phase of the 0-series. The next step is launching the final wheelchair in 2019, changing the lives of wheelchair users who can explore the new and yet unprecedented degrees of mobility.

Realizing a vision

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- We share our office with 2.700 students, teachers
and entrepreneurs whose knowledge we can draw on.


CEO, Inventor and co-founder of Agile 360 A/S

Education: Bac. sc. Pedagogical Antropology, Aarhus University (2015), MBA, Economics, Aarhus University BSS (2010) and Mechanical Engineering, Aalborg University (1995).

Mads’ working areas are mainly in IPR protected radical innovation, innovation sparring and inventions. He is himself a user of powered wheelchairs. His motivation for this project comes from a deep dissatisfaction with the missing inventiveness in the field of powered wheelchairs and a desire to spur new workable solutions. He is an experienced inventor and has a large portfolio of several patents, patent applications and utility models.

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    Relevant results regarding wheelchairs: AGILE 2014 (This project), Feet (2007), Limbo (1997) (still in use), Roltec Vision (1995) (still selling), Manual wheelchair in Bamboo with adapted technology for development countries 1995, Electric footrest for wheelchairs with virtual rotation point in knee axis (1992) (still in use), Ventilated water cushion seating system for powered wheelchair (1992) (still in use), Car adaption for wheelchair users (2007, 1997 and 1996).​

    Inventor and co-inventor of following patents, patent applications and user models: PCT/DK2015/050172  Chassis for vehicle (This project), EP2769026 Apparatus and Method for reduction of Sonic Vibrations in a liquid, EP2452720 Non-drip coupling device for transferring a fluid, PA 2011 00927 Metode og hjælpemidler til at distribuere varer til bestemte afhentningssteder, PA 2011 00930 Transportable enclosure for delivery of ordered goods, by placing said enclosure at defined pick up point., PA 2010 00765 Easy access compartments or platforms on a personal transportation vehicle, PA 2010 00764 Ground clearance and seat height adjustment mechanism for electric wheelchair, PA 2010 00763 Reclining back support mechanism in seat, BA 2009 00068 Semi-stationær trappelift trappelift, BA 2009 00059 Kuldebroindikator, BA 2007 00099 Snerydder drevet af stirlingmotor med smelteflade, BA 2007 00084 Kompakt elektrisk drivmaskine til liniære aktuatorer, BA 2007 00037 Kombinationssiddehøjdemekanisme til el-kørestole, BA 1997 00081: Siddehøjdemekanisme til el-kørestole.

Inventor at Agile 360 A/S

Education: Bac. sc. mechanical engineering from Aarhus School of Engineering.

Thorkild's primary work areas are within holistic innovation and development mainly focusing on holistic solutions, ensuring patentability. He has been involved in development and sparring in projects with companies such as Vestas, Danfoss, Grundfos, and Smukfest. He has experience with patent development and patent mining. Furthermore, he has worked with quality assurance of documentation in connection with CE-approvals and ISO-certifications, and with major development projects in accordance with Six Sigma.

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    Thorkild's height and size have always been a challenge, pushing him to challenge the solutions and construction bias of his surroundings and to reinvent the solutions based on understanding the premises they are built from.

    He has worked with patents as an integrated part of the innovation and development process. During 2009, he was co-author and co-developer of 10 internal patents and several external patents. Besides the development for patents a lot of work regarding mining existing patents for information for developers, mining patents for expanded uses, and mining patents for areas of development has been a large and integrated part of his work.

Inventorassistant at Agile 360 A/S

Education: Bac. sc. mechanical engineering student at Aarhus University School of Engineering at Navitas, Aarhus

PA at Agile 360 A/S

Education: B.A. History of Ideas, Aarhus University, M.A. student of Analytical Journalism, Aarhus University.


Our Board of Directors consists of Chairman Øjvind Hulgaard, CEO Mads Bendt and Inventor Thorkild Kusnitzoff

Chairman of the board of Agile A/S and Chairman of Erik and Else Jørgensens Family Foundation.

Education: Cand.jur., Aarhus Universitet (1990).

Øjvind is an attorney and owner of the law company Hulgaard Advokater in Aarhus and Kolding. He is Chairman of Erik and Else Jorgensen’s Family Foundation and Chairman or board member of several private companies. Finally, he is also a board member of the trade organization The Association of Danish Law Firms (Danske Advokater), where he also served as Vice-chairman from 2008-2012.